Releasing every sector to do more with their distributed marketing

The Cortex Territory is the distributed, multi-channel marketing platform for many industries. Perfect for wherever products and services are distributed through a network of regional or local channels. Making sure the process is simple, efficient, and pain-free. And delivering brand visibility and consistency like never before. It’s the industry agnostic platform which will take your distributed marketing programme to the next level.

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In an industry that experiences the challenges of many rules, regulations and paperwork, we provide simple and fast solutions for all automotive brands and businesses.

Consumer Goods

Deliver customised branded marketing materials quickly and easily for this fast-paced and ever evolving retail landscape.

Finance & Insurance

A highly regulated industry, we can streamline the delivery and execution of various campaigns with our knowledge and understanding of this complex subject.


Local and independent businesses need that extra care and assistance. Our platform allows business owners to create content and messaging that is on-brand and not sacrificing style.

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Accurate, brand managed custom-built marketing solutions for the individual needs of the pharmaceutical and life science companies.


Easy-to-use Distributed Marketing solutions for Retailers, allowing them the freedom to focus on sales, payroll and other operations.


Create customised solutions for technology business owners with our simple system designed for easy and fast delivery of marketing campaigns.

Travel & Hospitality

Marketing programmes and solutions that make it easy for travel businesses and agencies to navigate and execute their own campaigns.

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