Template Editor

Localize, Personalize, and Mesmerize

Cortex Territory

Seeking an efficient way to localize and personalize your marketing materials while maintaining brand compliance? Cortex Territory’s Template Editor is your ultimate solution. With support for print, digital, and video-based templates, our Template Editor empowers users to make brand-compliant adaptations with ease, driving creative automation and seamless integration with third-party data sources.

Key Benefits

  • Maintain brand consistency across all marketing materials within a distributed network
  • Enhance relevance and engagement through localized personalization of marketing templates
  • Achieve time and cost efficiency by streamlining the creation and adaptation of marketing materials
  • Ensure creative control with adherence to brand guidelines for customization across the network
  • Foster seamless collaboration and alignment among stakeholders through efficient approval processes
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Key Features

Versatile Templates

Effortlessly adapt print, digital, and video marketing templates to cater to localization or personalization needs. Brand-compliant editable areas for text and images, mean that your network can craft their custom marketing material without going rogue

Data-Driven Personalizations

Leverage data to automate asset creation, minimizing user intervention and maximizing efficiency. You can even integrate 3rd party data sources such as location and product details to take a further step towards creative automation

Built-in Approvals

Seamlessly link with our Request & Workflow module for simple approval and collaboration across your business

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