More of what you need in a distributed marketing platform

It’s a platform that helps you plan, execute and deliver corporate marketing at a local level. And also one that allows you to choose which of our solutions you need - from a single module to the whole suite. Because Cortex Territory is the customisable solution, designed to fit your business, whoever you are, whatever you do. Whilst the wealth of modular functionality can be rapidly collated. Meaning, all the features you’ll need and the feeling like it was tailored just for you.

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Cortex Territory

Digital Asset Management

Benefit from marketing materials operational efficiency, savings on content creation, brand consistency across channels and time saved getting to market. The Cortex Digital Asset Management (DAM) software makes it easy to manage, share and repurpose your digital assets from a single source.

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Cortex Territory

Template Editor

Reduce reliance on manual template amends. Customise print, digital and video assets. Maintain control and visibility for your network for far less while achieving more.

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Cortex Territory

Marketing & Budget

View your entire network’s marketing activity from a single place. Utilise campaign performance and analytics. Identify and share great campaigns across the network.

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Cortex Territory

Request & Workflow

Our module brings all parties together in a single manageable solution. Completely flexible, the workflows match your working practice.

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Additional Services

Integration Ready

There’s nothing worse than having to login to a dozen or more separate systems, none of which talk to each other. That just wastes time. We are integration experts and can slot right in to pretty much any web platform.

Local Marketing Experts

Backed by award-winning creative agency April Six, they live and breathe marketing and manage local marketing programmes of countless retailer networks. If you need a retailer marketing agency, we’re here for you.

Completely Customisable

The freedom to define your own requirements. Unlike many other distributed marketing platforms, our suite of core modules are the essential building blocks to which you can choose to add bespoke functionality.

Award-winning Marketing Services

Our platform is backed by an award-winning creative agency service. So not only can we provide world-class technology to streamline your local marketing, we can also originate, design and implement that marketing too.

End-to-end Print Fulfilment

Built in integration to a complete printing solution means standard and customised marketing templates can be professionally printed and delivered. All without leaving the platform.

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